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Chicago EDT - Chicago Engineering Design Team

MRDC - Midwestern Robotics Design Competition

    STELLA is a robot that will compete in MRDC.

RMC - Robotic Mining Competition

    Surus is EDT's former entry for RMC.

ART - Aerial Robotics Team

ROS - Robot Operating System

PCB - Printed Circuit Board

BOM - Bill Of Materials

CAD - Computer Aided Design

    Solidworks is a CAD software.
    EAGLE is a PCB CAD software.


THE SHOP refers to the garage itself

THE MILL refers to the big, grey machine at the rear-side of the shop. Used to fabricate raw materials, usually metal.

RMC ARENA refers to the big sand box at the rear-side of the shop. Used to test the RMC robot.

ROBOTEQ refers to the commonly used motor controller at EDT. Used to control motors (Obviously).

THE CIVILS/ASCE refer to our neighbors, the American Society of Civil Engineering. They use part of the shop.