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The Slack itself is at

What is Slack?

Slack is the primary way EDT communicates and shares files. Got a question? Post it in the #general-newmembers channel.

How do I join the Slack?

Slack is different from other services. You do not have a single Slack account, but an account for each Slack you are a part of. So even if you've used Slack before, you'll need to visit and create an account using your email address.

If switching between workspaces is becoming confusing or frustrating, we recommend downloading the desktop client.

How do channels work?

Slack conversations are organized by topic into different channels. See the documentation

EDT's primary channels are:

  • #general: For general discussion and announcements. (You are in this channel by default.)
  • #general-newmembers: This is the best place to get answers to your questions! (You are in this channel by default.)
  • #general-random: For memes. (You are in this channel by default.)
  • #school: Ask questions about classes and find other EDT members who are in your classes. (You are in this channel by default.)
  • #general-mechanical, #general-electrical, and #general-software are for discussion of the three main subdisciplines EDT draws from. You should join at least one of these channels depending on your major or area of interest. (How do I join a channel?)

Can I create my own channels?


If the channel you are creating is public, please follow these naming conventions:

  • Use dashes (-), not underscores (_).
  • If your channel is for an existing competition, use the appropriate prefix, e.g. #mrdc-myrobot or #rmc-outreach.
  • If your channel is for a new competition, name the channel after the competition, and use this name as a prefix for any subchannels.
  • If your channel is for a class, name it #school-[department][number] like the others.
  • Otherwise, prefix the channel with general-.

Can I change my display name?

Yes! We encourage you to change your display name to your real name or a well-known nickname and discourage using your netid.

How do notifications work?

Notifications are customized on a per-channel basis. See the documentation.

Easter Eggs

Slack lets you add custom emojis and welcome messages. Go nuts, just keep it work-appropriate.